Your Mission

GracesList.org needs volunteers to hunt down and submit local homeless shelter and emergency services. As you might expect, these services have huge hearts but aren’t always the best at getting the word out. Work on GracesList.org has begun but it is our goal to become an easy-to-use resource for many more cities.

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Become a Virtual Volunteer

You can help your local community–or even the other side of the globe–from your own home.

Every day, volunteers across the planet lend a virtual hand from their computers, tablets and phones. All you need is Internet access and a heart to help those in need.

Partnering with GracesList is a great way to get involved on the world stage, learn more about other cultures and make an altruistic impact for communities both near and far.


volunteer to be an internet researcher

Internet Researchers

Even if you’re not so web-savvy, as long as you can find and collect information from the Internet, we need your help! Simply copy and paste the contact and descriptions for humanitarian aid organizations, and you can be a powerful force for good. Interested? Here’s a tutorial to show you what’s involved

Are you fluent in another language? Most of our Internet researchers are English-speakers, so we’re probably missing vital agency listings as we comb the ‘Net for homelessness and crisis support agencies. We could use your knowledge to identify other non-English listings. Will you help us with Internet research and data entry?


volunteer to be a writer blogger

Writers & Bloggers

Are you a word whiz who wants to write? Help us get the word out about homelessness. If you have a blog, you can help us by writing a smart, thoughtful article about homelessness and supporting those experiencing homelessness. The call-to-action would be to get involved locally, with GracesList or through some other means.

No blog? Offer to write an article for someone else’s blog or post on your social media account.

Finally, while we would love a link from your effort, simply engaging your crowd in the conversation is a good start.


volunteer to be a social media champion

Social Media Champions

If you’re social media savvy and you want to help us reach others, consider sharing the GracesList.org website and/or our Facebook page with friends and family, give us a like, give us a share, promote a post, comment on our page—you know the drill. Duties may include:

  • Posting 2-8 times/week
  • Researching articles and information to post
  • Gathering information and posting about homeless, drug, health, abuse or other plight awareness issues from a global perspective
  • Commenting or liking posts on other pages

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internet researchers wanted

Additional Details

These volunteer opportunities are a good match for those looking to help with crisis support, disaster relief, homeless and housing.


This is a virtual volunteer opportunity, so you must have a working computer and an Internet connection. You will be doing this work from the comfort of your own home. Your computer will need to browse the Internet and perform simple word processing functions using Microsoft Word or Notepad, etc. No printer is required.

Impact Area/Cause

Disaster & Emergencies, Homelessness, Domestic Violence Support, Family Services, Poverty, Mental Health

Helpful Skills

Data Entry, Technical Writing, Copy Writing / Copy Editing, Internet Research, Typing, Word Processing, Social Media, Blogging


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